50 Liter Rotary Evaporator Manual Lift


50L evaporation flask, 20L receiving flask, 7.5kW heating bath, max temperature 180C, 380V 3-phase (customizable

Features a simple and reliable modular design, making it one of the most reliable rotary evaporators in industry. The open and straight-forward structure makes it extremely easy to maintain and repair. Moreover, this evaporator is designed with various safety features (dry-heating shut off, over temperature protection, soft start of rotation, over-current protection) to provide maximized protection during operation.

For hazardous environments, it can be upgraded to EX (explosion proof) models, which are rated for Exd IIB T4 (equivalent to Class I, Division 1,Group C T4). For extreme condition, we are able to customize the system to air-driven motor and steam-heated bath, which totally eliminate risks from electrical components.

More detailed specifications and feature can be found as follows. Please feel free to call us for any specific questions.

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50L evaporation flask, 20L receiving flask, 7.5kW heating bath, max temperature 180C, 380V 3-phase (customizable)


  • All the wetted components are made of high-quality boro 3.3 glass and PTFE, for excellent corrosion resistance.
  • High precision vacuum seal and vapor tube design lead to ultimate vacuum performance (1 mbar end vacuum, < 1 mbar/min vacuum leakage).
  • Modular and straight-forward structure for extremely easy maintenance.
  • High torque motor, high precision worm-gear gearbox, and hand lift components for years of quiet and reliable operations.
  • Easy and straightforward operation of speed and temperature controller.
  • The heavy-duty SS304 support frame and epoxy-coated water/bath enclosure guarantee vibration-free operation.
  • 2-stage triple-coil condenser design with an extra large cooling surface for outstanding cooling efficiency.
  • 1-way check valve automatically turns off when draining the receiving flask. The pressure inside evaporator won’t be changed during draining.
  • The VFD speed controller keeps the motor’s torque at its maximum even during low-speed range.
  • The temperature controller comes with a built-in over-temp monitor, which shuts off heating when bath temperature is 15C higher than the set value.
  • Various options and accessories are available (vacuum pump, chiller, vacuum controller, cold trap, etc)