Molecular Distillation Equipment-150 mm System with continuous feed and terpene trap


PSICO2 is now offering turnkey packages for wiped film molecular distillation units, including the evaporator, vacuum pump, heaters, chillers and necessary feeding/receiving equipment. This wiped film molecular distillation unit is superior to traditional short path distillation kit by shorter residence time, lower separation temperature, terpene collection and the capability of continuous and unattended operation and a processing speed of 3 liters/hour.

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Working Principle

Molecular distillation is a special liquid-liquid separation technology, which is different from the traditional distillation by boiling point difference separation principle, but by different substances molecular movement of the average free path difference to achieve separation.


  • All Borosilicate 3.3 glass design for a perfect view on the separation process.
  • Short residence time(separation is finished in seconds, instead of hours.).
  • The very low operating pressure ensure very low distillation temperature and therefore a very gentle distillation is possible.
  • 150mm for higher throughput.
  • Turkey package which is plug-and-play, technical support available.
  • continuous distillation process upgrade.
  • Terpene trap addition

Technical Drawing

Molecular Distillation Technical Drawing

Feeding System

  • Jacket designing
  • Multiple entries of material
  • High Borosilicate glass 3.3

Molecular Distillation Feeding system

Short path evaporator with internal condenser

  • Made of high Borosilicate glass 3.3 easy for viewing multiple entry of material
  • PTFE blades, which is high temp resistance and anti-corrosive

Short path evaporator

Cold Trap

The main components are fabricated in Borosilicate glass to enable observation of product properties like foaming, fouling and film distribution on the heated shell during distillation.


Receiving System

The receiving system has been upgraded for continuous operation.Receiving system

Controller Console

VFD controlled stirring motor with digital speed display.
High accuracy vacuum displays to monitor the pressure during operation.
Temperature controllers for heating the inlet/outlet pathways and keeping liquid moving.Controller Console

PSIWF-150mm Wiped Film Distillation item sheet
SKU Parts Description Specifications
PSIWF-150mm Glass Components Jacketed Glass Barrel with Internal Cooling Condenser Diameter: 150mm

Effective Evaporation Area: 0.24m2

Processing Rate: 1500-3000 gram/hour

Jacketed Feeding Vessel with Lid Volume: 2L

Number of Ports on the Lid: Three

Port Size: 24/40

Valve Material: PTFE

Distilalte Receiving Flask Volume: 5L

Port: Spherical Joint

Residue Receiving Flask Volume: 3L

Port: Spherical Joint

Cold Trap Cold Trap with 1L Collection Flask
Wiper Wiper Material: Stainless Steel 316L

Blade Material: PTFE

Control System Control System Digital High Vacuum Gauge (0.01pa-1atm), Pirani Type

VFD Speed Controller for Stirring Motor, Motor Power:120W

Two Temperature Controllers for Heating Tapes

Electricity: 220V, single-phase, 1 kW total

Support Frame Support Frame Material: Stainless Steel 304
PSI-300C-5L Heating Circulator for Feeding Vessel Reservoir Volume: 5L

Temperature Range: RT-300℃

Pump Rate: 8L/min

Heating power: 1.6kW

Electricity: 220V

PSI-300C-30L Heating Circulator for Jacketed Glass Barrel Reservoir Volume: 30L

Temperature Range: RT-300℃

Pump Rate: 15L/min

Heating power: 3.8kW

Electricity: 220V

PSI-100C-5L Heating/cooling Circulator for Internal Condenser Reservoir Volume: 5L

Temperature Range: RT-100℃

Pump Rate: 15L/min

Heating Power: 1 kW

Compressor Power: 500 W

Power: 1.8kW

Electricity: 220V, single-phase

PSIOV-9 Vacuum Pump, includes KF25 bellows, fittings, valves, etc. Pump Rate: 9CFM

Oil Consumption:1.5L

Ultimate Partial Pressure: <4×10-4mbar

Rotating Speed: 1420r/min

Motor Power: 0.55kW, 0.7HP

Electricity: 220V, single or three phase

Accessories Vacuum Tubes, Heating/Chilling Hoses, etc
PSI-TT-150 Additional Terpene Condenser Between Wiping Barrel and Cold Trap
PSI-TC-150 Terpene Condenser
PSI-32C-10L Cooling Bath with Circulator for Terpene Condenser Reservoir Volume: 10L

Temperature Range: -32℃-RT

Pump Rate: 20L/min

Electrical Power: 1kW

Electricity: 220V

PSI-CCT Replacing Dewar Style Cold Trap with Cooling Coil
PSI-CCT-C Cold Trap Condenser
PSI-m82C-5L Cooling Bath with Circulator for Cold Trap Condenser Reservoir Volume: 5L

Temperature Range: -82℃-RT

Pump Rate: 20L/min

Electrical Power: 1.5kW


PSIDP-70 Diffusion pump Diameter: 100mm

End vacuum : 5*10-2pa

Pump rate: 70Lps

Heating Power: 700W

Electricity: 220V

PSIGP-.9 Gear Pump Transmission pressure : 0.8Mpa

Pump rate: 15-900ml/min

Speed rate: 50-3000RPM

Power: 50W

Electricity: 86-286V

PSIC-150-5L Continuous Collection Module for PSIWF-100/150 Glass/PTFE Valve for Continuous Collection, 2 PCS

Receiving Flask, 5L Volume, Socket Joint with 10mm Glass Barb & High Vacuum Valve,4PCS

1-stage Vacuum Pump with Vacuum Gauge

Vacuum Pump Adapter, 1/4 SAE to 10mm Hose Barb



Additional information

Weight 400 lbs
Dimensions 45 x 25 x 70 in

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