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The PSIEV-1 Series PTFE diaphragm vacuum pump is ideal for pumping corrosive gases and organic solvents. It is light-weight, oil-free, chemical-resistant. We offer various models with end vacuum as low as 50 mbar and flow rate up to 120L/min. This item is ideal for a gentle removal of solvents using a rotary evaporator, reactor vessels or vacuum oven. 

  • Integrated design: Integrate the pump with motor to make the whole product compact and lights.
  • Anti-backflow design to prevent the oil from flowing back, keep clear inside environment and enhance the stable function of the system.
  • Big starting torque special design to guarantee motor starting normally even under low temperature in winter.
  • Low noise and vibration Elastomic coupling insert.
  • Evironment friendly special filter at the exhaust port to avoid oil spraying and spilling, elimating exhaust pollution of oil mist.
  • Only PTFE components are exposed to vacuum, ideal for pumping corrosive gases and organic solvents.
  • Oil-free, contamination-free


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